If You Live in Florida it is Time for a Home Insurance Review

The recent challenges for Floridians dealing with severe weather are likely to continue to increase due to the impact of climate change. Homes in Ft. Lauderdale are at risk of damage caused by extreme heat, freezing, hail storms, hurricanes, storm surge, and a myriad of new challenges caused by inclement weather.

If you have not spoken with your agent at Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC, serving the Fort Lauderdale, FL area, to make sure your home insurance is adequate, now is a good time to do this.

Your agent will look for insurance gaps, check the valuations used to calculate policy limits, and make suggestions about things to consider, to improve insurance protection.

Insurance Gaps

Gaps in insurance are things that it would be a good idea to have protection for that may not be adequately covered by existing home insurance. Flooding is a common problem and not usually found in the typical home insurance policy. It has its own separately policy. Hail damage is another thing to check. Damage from high winds is different from damage from a storm surge caused by high winds. Your agent will help you understand the details.

Be sure to discuss with your agent the insurance protection for the personal property that you have as well. If you own many valuable things, you may want to itemize them for special protection.

Replacement Cost

It is important to evaluate the home insurance policy limit. An adjustment may be needed. Usually, the limit is based on either the market value of the home and/or the replacement cost of rebuilding the home if it is damaged by a covered peril.

Home values may change over time if the market goes up or down. Construction costs also change. To make a recommendation, your agent will make a calculation based on the current home value and local construction costs to see if the insurance protection is adequate.

Get an insurance review and a home insurance quote by calling 954-331-5046 to speak with your agent at Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC in Fort Lauderdale, FL or use the convenient online form.

Dealing With Ice Damage Using Home Insurance

Though Fort Lauderdale, FL doesn’t typically get very cold winter weather, ice storms do happen from time to time. When this happens, your home will be affected in a multitude of ways. So please let us at Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC help you better understand your coverage options.

Some Types of Ice Damage are Not Covered

Though home insurance typically covers many issues, there are some instances of ice damage that it may not cover. For example, Florida homeowners who don’t properly manage an ice dam on their roof may find their policy unwilling to pay.

Simply put, these issues are classified as negligence by the insurance company. This fact is true even though Florida homeowners may have never experienced an ice dam in their lives. Thankfully, not all ice damage is negated by the negligence rule.

What Ice Damage is Covered

Though some types of ice damage are not covered by home insurance, many are covered. For example, a surprise ice storm in the middle of an otherwise mild Florida winter could cause a multitude of problems, including damage to electrical lines, issues with siding, and much more.

In fact, homeowners in Florida may need this type of coverage more than they think because they likely don’t have the skill and knowledge necessary to prevent this kind of damage. And negligence – an issue that can plague many claims for ice damage – could negate your claim and make your repair bill even bigger.

Find Protection for Your Home

So if you are worried about occasional ice damage unexpectedly affecting your Fort Lauderdale, FL home, please contact us at Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC to learn more about your home insurance options. Our experts will work hard to ensure that you get the policy that you need.

Ways to Make Your Property Safer

Your homeowner’s insurance policy is designed to protect your financial interests. This includes accidental injury that occurs on your Fort Lauderdale, FL property. However, there are some simple ways for you to reduce the likelihood of injuries and accidents on your residential property. Use these tips from Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC to keep your visitors and family members safe when they’re at your home.

  • Childproof your home. Even if you don’t have children, things like outlet covers, cabinet locks, and security devices for corded blinds reduce the chance of visitors of all ages from inadvertently hurting themselves.
  • Do periodic visual inspections of the grounds surrounding your home. Note damages like cracked pavement, deep holes or gouges in the landscaping, or building materials that appear warped. Make a plan to repair these items.
  • Install solar lighting around your driveway and walking paths. This will ensure that visitors can clearly see each step as they move around your property at night. Using solar lights is a great way to increase security without too much of an investment.
  • Keep pools, spas, and jacuzzis covered whenever they aren’t in use to prevent accidental drownings. If you’re using the feature as part of your entertainment activities, designate a responsible adult as a lifeguard throughout the event.
  • Don’t let your shrubbery and decorative plants cover walking paths. These can be a slipping hazard. Make sure to trim back your foliage to give visitors ample right-of-way through your yard.
  • Install radon and carbon monoxide detectors to reduce the amount of potentially harmful particles in the air.
  • Close off rooms that contain dangerous materials and equipment. You may need to temporarily relocate some items to keep them out of the way of curious visitors.
  • Install security cameras throughout the property. These don’t actually stop accidents from happening. However, if an accident does occur, a camera can provide vital evidence that can positively impact any possible court cases.

Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC carries homeowner’s insurance policies for residents in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. Let us know how we can help you protect your most important asset.

Don’t Forget to Update Your Homeowner’s Policy After Updating Your Kitchen

Homeownership, whether it be your primary residence or a vacation property, is a great source of pride for many Americans, especially those residing in the South Florida area. An important part of maintaining one’s home is making sure that it is updated on a regular basis especially in reference to the kitchen. As we all know, the kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, and it is typically where guests gather when you are entertaining. Kitchen renovations are no small task, and the need for increased insurance can often get lost in the bustle of working with contractors and suppliers. Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC is here to provide the necessary guidance to keep your home insurance policy in line with the upgrades and improvements that you add to your home in the greater Fort Lauderdale, FL area.

Kitchen Upgrades Require Coverage Too

If you are like most people, you simply renew your homeowner policy each year as it comes due. In many cases, this practice is not an issue, but if you have conducted a major renovation to your home, such as a kitchen update, your coverage may now be insufficient. Don’t let a fire or other damage be the way that you find out your coverage level is woefully inadequate! Following any major update or renovation, it is imperative that a full review of your home insurance policies occur, and your professional agent can advise you on the expanded coverage that may be necessary.

If you have recently updated your kitchen or are planning a major renovation in the near future in the greater Fort Lauderdale, FL area, contact the team at Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC to discuss the necessary changes for your home insurance policy.

Why You Need to Insure Your Home During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is upon us here in Florida. Houses face the risk of severe damage each year once a hurricane hits land. Though families may prepare for the storm, there is almost no guarantee it can withstand the mighty force of mother nature. Not having insurance for your home is taking a gamble you can’t afford to spend.

Fortunately, we here at Coastal Wealth Insurance, LLC in Fort Lauderdale, FL have some information you should use this coming hurricane season. The last thing you want to do is not be prepared for what’s brewing out in the ocean right now. Let’s look at some statistics on hurricane seasons in Florida and why you should get home insurance.

2018 Hurricane Season

As we speak, there are currently 8 hurricanes that are predicted to hit landfall with a category-3 strength or higher this season. That means that there is a high probability that your property will take some damage amidst the storm. Property damage from hurricanes can rise into the hundred thousand range. Getting home insurance should be mandatory to protect your assets. With this threat looming in the Atlantic Ocean, you want to make sure you are prepared for the worst. A flood insurance policy is also something to look into as well for the aftermath.

Get the Home Insurance You Need

Coastal Wealth Insurance, LLC proudly serves the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. We are here for all your home insurance needs. The last thing you want to do this season is get caught in the storm unprepared. Don’t wait until the hurricane is knocking on your door, get home insurance ahead of time. Our professional staff is ready to assist you at your convenience so you can protect what’s most important, home.

Home Insurance for Multiple Homes

Homeowners insurance is usually written for one home and one homeowner. The same way you can’t insure various homes in Fort Lauderdale, FL using the same insurance plan, you cannot buy several policies for one home. Duplicate policies will create legal confusion when you are filing a claim on your property.

Even if you have multiple policies for your home in effect, it would be impossible to get coverage from all insurers, and it will become a chore to get any of the companies to settle a claim. When you have two homeowners insurance plans at the same time, you will be giving the insurers a legal loophole whereby they can deny that the claimed responsibility rests with another company. What’s more, if you try filing a single claim with the companies, you may end up losing both policies, and they can charge you with insurance fraud, a severe crime.

What should you do if you have more than one home? 

You need to get a separate insurance policy for every home you own. In this case, you will have as many policies as the homes you have. Coastal Wealth Insurance, LLC is one of the companies you can rely on when you need insurance coverage for your various homes. Remember that there are some insurance options you can explore to reduce coverage rates, for instance, declaring one of your homes to be a vacation house. Additionally, your home insurance can be reduced to landlords insurance if you choose to rent out any of your homes. Keep in mind that the landlord insurance doesn’t cover liability for residents and their personal properties. Although it’s impossible to combine the insurance policies for all your Fort Lauderdale, FL homes in one single policy, you can get different home policies from one insurer.

Would you like to get homeowners insurance policies for your multiple homes?  Contact Coastal Wealth Insurance, LLC for more information. We can get you a quote and answer your questions.

Four Questions You Should Ask Your Agent About Home Insurance

We all know home insurance in the Tampa and Fort Lauderdale, FL areas is essential and often even required by your lender, but finding the right insurance can be a challenge as many don’t know what to ask a Coastal Wealth Insurance, LLC agent to make sure they can find the right insurance policy for you.

What does this policy cover and what doesn’t cover?

Homeowners insurance covers a vast area of potential claims, but not all of them are covered by a policy. This is why it is crucial to ask your agent what is covered and, maybe even more importantly, what is not covered in the policy.

What are the limits protecting my stuff?

It is a good idea to make an inventory of the things in your home, from furniture to artwork, to make sure that you come up with an accurate value of the contents of your home before you decide on a policy. Ask your agent if the value of your possessions is covered by the standard policy or if you need extra riders to cover the full value.

How much does it cost to replace my house?

Nobody wants to think about the destruction of their home, but accidents do happen. A kitchen fire can spread through the home and render it unrecoverable or a tornado can destroy your home in the event of a storm. Our agent will estimate how much it costs to rebuild your home, but it is up to you to make sure that these assumptions are correct.

How reliable is the company you are suggesting?

Many agents represent many insurance carriers, and often the lowest priced ones are not the most reliable. The last thing you need after a catastrophic event is to argue with your insurance company or learn that your carrier is going out of business.

If you are in need of home insurance coverage in Tampa or Fort Lauderdale, FL, contact Coastal Wealth Insurance, LLC for more information.


How to File a Claim on Your Home Insurance after the Hurricane Passes

Now that the winds have died down, it is time to get the clean up underway on your Tampa or Fort Lauderdale, FL property. At Coastal Wealth Insurance, LLC, we are here to help you recover from the latest devastating weather. Like many of your neighbors, you may have damage to your roof, windows, trees, and landscaping.  Here’s a short checklist to help you on your road back to normal.

  • Ensure Your Personal Safety: Before you start worrying about filing a claim on your home insurance, make sure that your home is safe. Water can damage electrical and gas connections and standing water is a breeding colony for bacteria. If you think there is an active hazard in your home, evacuate to a shelter until a contractor can declare it is safe.
  • Secure Your Home: Board up any broken windows and fix your doors so that you are able to lock your home. Discourage looters from taking advantage and preserve your possessions.
  • Call Your Coastal Wealth Insurance, LLC Agent: Don’t hesitate to place a call with your agent ASAP if you feel there is an emergency. Even if you don’t have a complete picture of all the damage, they can start the paperwork and can expedite emergency funds to help you defray the costs of hotels, meals, and other expenses. Now is definitely the time to take advantage of every service your insurance company has to offer.
  • Start Snapping Pictures: Use your phone or your kid’s smartphone to document all the damage to your home and yard. You can email the images to your Fort Lauderdale, FL insurance company to speed along the claim process.
  • File a Claim with FEMA: While your home insurance policy is going to help you rebuild, filing a claim with FEMA at a local community center can open up additional options and services available to everybody in the region.

It is important to make all the stops when it comes to flood recovery. We are proud of our community’s efforts to help each other rebuild and lend a helping hand. Reach out to us for more information on a flood insurance policy. 

What is Replacement Cost Value?

You’ve probably seen the term replacement cost value on your homeowner’s insurance policy. But what does it really mean? Our team at Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC has put together this handy guide for you to review.

What is Replacement Cost Value?

To put it simply, replacement cost value is what it would cost to build your home from the ground up in the event of a major disaster or fire. If your property is older, this also means constructing it to include modern fixtures and building code standards, which often cost much more than what you might currently have. Furthermore, replacement cost value takes into consideration the cost of labor for workers and supplies to reconstruct the residence.

Why Does Having Replacement Cost Value Coverage Even Matter?

The reason why having replacement coverage even matters is that it protects you in the event of a claim. If something happens to your home, you will expect your insurance policy to help you rebuild it back to the same state it was in before the incident. Failure to have this type of coverage could mean only receiving a fraction of your actual monetary needs to get the home back into a livable state.

Should I Add Replacement Cost Value to My Fort Lauderdale, FL Policy If I Don’t Already Have It?

Most insurance carriers have latched onto this type of coverage in recent years and already automatically include replacement cost value in their homeowner’s policies. However, if your coverage contract is older, it might be time to discuss with your agent the benefits of adding replacement cost coverage.

Are you looking to review your homeowner’s insurance policy? Contact Coastal Wealth Insurance LLC now for a no-obligation review of your Fort Lauderdale, FL coverage needs.

Fort Lauderdale FL

Spring Home Maintenance Tips for Your Yard

While the winter is not especially taxing in Florida, spring is a great time to take a look at your yard and address some things that can be problematic if left unattended to. Here are a few spring home maintenance tips from Coastal Wealth Insurance, LLC for your yard in Fort Lauderdale, FL:

Look at the Slope of Your Yard

Rain can erode your yard over your time. This can cause your yard to have a slight slope in it. If it slopes away from your home, this is fine. But if it slopes towards your home, you have an issue. A yard that slopes towards your home can push water to sit against your home damaging the siding or foundation. Spring is a great time to look at this and grade your yard as needed so that it slopes away from your home.

Trim Your Trees

When you trim your trees, you will want to trim away any branches that sway against your roof. Swaying branches can damage the roofing material. Also, trim away any dead or damaged limbs. These can be hazardous and may fall on people or your property, causing injuries or damage.

Tend to Any Damaged Patios or Decks

The last home maintenance tip for your yard is to attend to any damaged decks or patios. If your decking is warped, spring is a great time to replace damaged boards. If your concrete patio has a hole or large crack, spring is a great time to lay a new concrete surface or make concrete repairs.

Tending to your yard can help protect your home from damage. In turn, this can minimize the number of home insurance claims you may need to file. If you are looking to obtain a new home insurance policy in the greater Fort Lauderdale, FL area, Coastal Wealth Insurance, LLC can help. Contact us today with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment to talk about all of your home insurance needs. We also offer an online rating tool to find quotes for your home insurance, visit our site for more information on this tool.